Vale Gavin Jones

Overnight I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of one of my clients, Gavin Jones from GJC Vibe. Gavin worked tirelessly for the Indigenous community raising awareness of serious health issues, providing platforms for encouraging youth to excel in all areas and celebrating achievements with The Deadly Awards at The Sydney Opera House. Gavin hired me to help raise the profile of the awards in 2004 to the broader community and I worked with him and the Vibe team for many years on this fabulous event.

Gavin was a man that always had a smile for everyone and had the most extraordinary energy. On awards night he was always in control of every situation, back stage with the glitz and glamour of the show going on around him. These happy nights will be where I shall remember him the most – wearing super smart clothes, with a fabulous hairstyle and a beaming smile.

Vale Gavin. My thoughts go especially to Vicki your sister and strongest ally (pictured here together)- and the whole Vibe team who worked tirelessly with you to make sure Deadly Vibes provided the best support and information for and about the Indigenous community.