Two very different girls, one goal. One’s an artist, the other an athlete. One gay, the other straight. One white, the other black.

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Ringside World Championship Boxing Tournament 28 July to 2 August 2014

We’re on the yellow brick road from Redfern to Kansas for a World Champ chick fight and film.

 No fight, no story, no story, no glory – and it’s a great story!  Even if you don’t like boxing!

It’s intergenerational, intercultural, international. It’s positive. It’s two girls in, what remains predominantly, a guy’s world.

Almost 2 years ago, professional performer and writer, Jude Bowler, accidentally took up boxing.  She had a few theatre shows to prepare for and, recently separated from a 7+ yr relationship, well, you could say she was lacking motivation.  In totally unrelated circumstances Jude met Eleanor. She offered to help, “Come down to the gym, couple of sessions might be the kickstart you need.  You tried boxing for fitness?”  Nope, never, but why not give it a go?  Turns out the gym was Elouera-Tony Mundine’s Redfern Gym Eleanor’s a champion boxer and Jude seemed to have some natural ability.

Next month is the tournament Ringside World Championships (the largest amateur boxing tournament in the world), 28 July – 2 August, in Kansas USA.  Jude will be competing in the women’s Lightweight (57-60kg) masters (over 40) division.  She’ll be Eleanor’s first boxer to go to an international tournament.

Two very different girls, one goal.  One’s an artist, the other an athlete.  One gay, the other straight.  One white, the other black.  One lives in the country, the other in the city.

Both believe in community, having the courage of your convictions, and that the good guys/gal will get up in the end – even though the odds are evidently stacked against them.

“PUNCH’N JUDY is also the name of the documentary Ben Thatcher is making about this adventure.

Punch’n Judy are Jude Bowler (boxer), Eleanor McCarthy (trainer), Ben Thatcher (filmmaker), Alex Tui (boxing mentor and ex-World Champ).

Pozible Campaign – 21 June to 21 July 2014

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