New art music compositions and score imagery by Barton Price.

Modern Times v01: Panic, Bewilderment, Contemplation and Despair


Jessica O’Donohue, Mezzo-Soprano

Simon Lobelson, Baritone

Jassy Husk, Soprano

John Napier, Cello

Elsen Price, Double Bass

Monday 18th December
6pm to 8pm
Disorder Gallery Darlinghurst

ARIA Hall of Fame composer and performer, Barton Price, unveils his new contemporary composition with 2D &3D visual art, Modern Times, on December 18 at the Disorder Gallery in Darlinghurst.

Modern Times is a collection of four vignettes that discuss the challenges of contemporary life from COVID and related mental health challenges, through unfathomable miscommunication, to the perils of Hubris in our globalised societies.

Barton’s work exists at the intersection of contemporary composition and 2D & 3D visual art. He has always painted and drawn as a part of his composition process, but in recent years the importance of the imagery has increased, to the point where his images are now the musical scores for performers to read and interpret, and visual content for the audience to engage with. The score has become the work.

Panic in Edgecliff. 20200719:11.07.26. An autobiographical moment from the early days of uncertainty and fear of COVID.  

Perspective: a mini opera for two combatants. A comment on how people can be introduced to the same information, and yet come away with entirely different opinions. Such as “I can’t breathe”, a seemingly straightforward statement, yet at least misunderstood if not criminally ignored.

Ancestors. 20231018:02.36.10. A reflection on whether knowledge and advice is passed through generations, perhaps as DNA, or alternatively it’s merely psychosis and voices in one’s head. 

Hubris. Probably the world’s biggest score, a 45m acrylic on canvas score. A story from extreme misplaced optimism and ago, to pathetic downfall and failure. Hubris lyric by Steve Kilbey.

About Barton Price:

Barton Price has had a very long musical career starting with rock bands such as ARIA Hall of Fame inductees the Models, Joan Jett, Divinyls, and many other 80’s miscreants and trouble makers.

For many years now his focus has been contemporary classical, and art music composition, and he is undertaking Post Graduate study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

  • Premier by the New Zealand String Quartet, Gallery Installations, finalist in the Bruno Moderna competition in Lviv, Ukraine.

Occasionally he re-emerges in the rock arena with for instance The Church’s 2022 American tour. He has just collaborated on a new album for release in 2024: The Speed of the Stars, with Steve Kilbey, Hugo Race and Frank Kearns

Modern Times v01: Panic, Bewilderment, Contemplation and Despair

New art music compositions and score imagery by Barton Price.

Monday 18th December
6pm to 8pm
Disorder Gallery
Door 108, Corner of Stanley & Bourke Street
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010


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