Vale Frances Clare Corkhill

Vale Frances Clare Corkhill

21 August 1977 – 28 November 2021

Frances Clare Corkhill was a woman of great heart, passion and spirit. A woman fearless in her defense of all persons, particularly the marginalised and misrecognised.  A woman to be reckoned with, who could enliven as well as enlighten a conversation through her intellect and nature to debate.  A woman who could challenge and embrace without mutual exclusivity.  Frances was and remains in spirit, the beloved wife of Simon, and the beloved daughter of Robert (deceased) and Leonie.

As the second youngest child of 10 children, she was and remains in spirit, the beloved sister of her siblings, of whom our Marie-Louise is the eldest. Frances was and remains in spirit, a beloved niece, cousin, Aunt and Great Aunt across her extended family.

Frances was and remains in spirit, a beloved friend of so many across the Canberra and Region community.  Active in the Arts and Community Services sector (the latter as a volunteer and supporter of many organisations and causes), Frances embodied in classic colour and fullness of life, the gift of the arts and social sciences to our humanity.

She is known across our arts community as a woman who always brought great joy, light and laughter to any gathering or event.

To say Frances will be deeply missed somehow seems lacking. For Simon and the Corkhill family, of whom he is part, to lose this cherished member of their tribe seems unimaginable, as well as it is to all of us.

“Beautiful and Brave, the little white bird took flight. ‘Free’ she called in her clear path of light….”

Vale Frances Clare Corkhill

Excerpt taken from Karinya House Obituary

Permission given from the Corkhill Family to distribute